Trees- You can DRAW


“Lost Limb” By Tina Steele Penn


Working with graphite is so enjoyable.  It is so dramatic, and moody, and forgivable!  This series of classes on Trees can help you learn a lot of technique and how to “form” a tree. 

You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well here is where you start!  Simple tricks and techniques help anyone learn to enjoy creating the personalities of their trees, creating  personalities or even whole stories out of simple drawing and erasing!  

Classes are taught for all ages, 4-100.  Easy to manage and copy methods for success, taught on your level, and according to your needs, no matter how “Special”.  I say this because as your instructor I work with handicaps of my own, that I have to learn to work with, and around to achieve my visions.  

So for March get ready for Drawing trees in these classes: 

Little Hands

Family Class

Introduction to Graphite

Check the dates by clicking on our Calendar

Classes Are at convenient times to fit your schedule at the Hobby Lobby in Statesville, and priced to fit your budget! 


See You there!!!

“Just Waiting” by Tina Steele Penn


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