Watercolor Classes

Watercolor Classes for All Ages

March 2/April  2019 Watercolor classes in all levels and times are Trees, Skies, or Water.

I teach all my classes – beginners to advanced – so you can begin with the most basic classes or take the more advanced classes.

The Basic Class is the “Family Class”  But beginners are also welcome in the Introduction to Watercolor class as well!

All the classes learn the same techniques, just taught on a level appropriate to the individual learner.  As a teacher, I have taught ages 3 to 101 for many years, and I am very good at accessing a students strengths and abilities – from small children to advanced age, and even memory care.


I offer three  different types of watercolor classes:


  “Little Hands”  Children  –  Ages 4-6  for information about these classes click here:  Little Hands Each month we will study a subject.  Usually seasonally themed.


“Family Classes” – Ages 7- to adult- These classes are designed for young or new artists, young or old.  This class is set up for individuals or a child and accompanying adult.  Individual children or adults are welcome to attend, but if an adult accompanies the child the child rate is discounted.  Each month we will study a particular subject, often seasonally themed.  For more information about “Family Classes” click hereCalendarRegister


“Introduction to Watercolor  Part 1 and 2”   – Ages 12 to Adult   – This class is for the Beginner wanting to learn all the skills required for painting in Watercolor, or the Advanced student who would like to refresh their skills.  For more information click here:  Introduction to Watercolor    Calendar –  Register



  Watercolor – Go With the Flow

Beyond the Basics –  Plan your painting and execute your artwork like a pro!   Beginners are welcome to this class, as we will review skills, but know we won’t spend a lot time on basics.  This class is like the Concept to Canvas for Oils and Acrylics as it teaches you the start to end of your finished work.   Calendar  –  Register

For more information click here: Watercolor – Go With The Flow 

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Questions? Age, Special Needs, Refunds – etc


You may find the answers to your questions here: 

Location: All lessons are at the Hobby Lobby in Statesville.


Cancellations and Refunds:


Classes are fully refundable up to 24hrs before class. After 24 hours before class, up to 1 hour before class, charges are non refundable, but can be applied to same series within 45 days. No refunds after 1 hour before class, or after.


Due to Inclement Weather – Refunds will not be issued, but classes will be rescheduled.  Instructor will make every effort to contact students – as possible barring power outages etc.  Rule of thumb – If school is canceled – class is canceled. 

Due to Unforeseen Circumstances of Instructor: All registrations for that session  will be rescheduled and/or refunded (Unless part of a series*) as requested by student. Instructor will make every possible effort to contact students –  barring power outages etc.  

Age of Students – and other questions regarding skill sets.

I have taught students from three years of age to 101. I have years of experience teaching all levels, ages, and abilities of students.  In individualized private instruction or groups working independently or all just following my lead.

I have extensive experience working with special needs, memory care and large groups.  Private instruction, or group instruction. 

I accept anyone age 12 or above in any of my regular classes. 

Family Classes: If you would like to attend a class with one or more of your children, please select a family class, as the first person to register is more, but the additional is less. This is for families only please, and limited to one adult, and 3 children. If you have more, we can schedule a special class for your group.

Ages 6 and Under:

For children under 7, I have classes geared especially for them called “Little Fingers”.  If you wish to attend this with your child, and participate as well, please pay the fee.  


If  you do not find the answers you are looking for – Please call Tina @ 704-779-7697  

or email me @Tina@TinasteelePenn.com

*Series prices are set as price of 2 or more classes, and one is free, and un-refundable.

I.e., Series of 3 lessons $55.00  But two sessions priced at $28.00 = $56.00, so 3rd class has no charge. 


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