Watercolor Classes

Watercolor Classes for All Ages

March 2/April  2019 Watercolor classes in all levels and times are Trees, Skies, or Water.

I teach all my classes – beginners to advanced – so you can begin with the most basic classes or take the more advanced classes.

The Basic Class is the “Family Class”  But beginners are also welcome in the Introduction to Watercolor class as well!

All the classes learn the same techniques, just taught on a level appropriate to the individual learner.  As a teacher, I have taught ages 3 to 101 for many years, and I am very good at accessing a students strengths and abilities – from small children to advanced age, and even memory care.


I offer three  different types of watercolor classes:


  “Little Hands”  Children  –  Ages 4-6  for information about these classes click here:  Little Hands Each month we will study a subject.  Usually seasonally themed.


“Family Classes” – Ages 7- to adult- These classes are designed for young or new artists, young or old.  This class is set up for individuals or a child and accompanying adult.  Individual children or adults are welcome to attend, but if an adult accompanies the child the child rate is discounted.  Each month we will study a particular subject, often seasonally themed.  For more information about “Family Classes” click hereCalendarRegister


“Introduction to Watercolor  Part 1 and 2”   – Ages 12 to Adult   – This class is for the Beginner wanting to learn all the skills required for painting in Watercolor, or the Advanced student who would like to refresh their skills.  For more information click here:  Introduction to Watercolor    Calendar –  Register



  Watercolor – Go With the Flow

Beyond the Basics –  Plan your painting and execute your artwork like a pro!   Beginners are welcome to this class, as we will review skills, but know we won’t spend a lot time on basics.  This class is like the Concept to Canvas for Oils and Acrylics as it teaches you the start to end of your finished work.   Calendar  –  Register

For more information click here: Watercolor – Go With The Flow 

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Go With the Flow – Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting for fun and excitement.  Really?  Yes!  Watercolor painting when worked into water, as watercolor should be, is exhilarating!  But “How do you control the water”?   Yes, well, that is why we have a class.  To answer all your questions and help you learn the best skills, have the most fun, and get your most fabulous results!!!     Here is a video introducing how to watercolor paint, that I created .

If you have been trying to figure out what watercolor painting is all about or  have never had a watercolor class you may want to start here:

Introduction to Watercolor Pt 1. –  Calendar

Please note date of class and Part 1 or 2 when registering.  

Introduction to Watercolor Pt 2.  –  Calendar

***Please note date of class and part 1 or 2 at checkout***


Watercolor Still Life Pt 1  

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Introduction to Watercolor Parts 1 and 2

Many people have heard that watercolor painting is “hard” compared to other kinds of painting.  No, it isn’t hard.  It’s different.  Many people are challenged when they try a new media.  I have heard very skilled oil painters say “I can’t paint in watercolor”, or very proficient graphite artists say, “I just can’t paint”.   Well, if you LOVE the look of watercolor, don’t be intimidated.  It is more about the how, than it is the “Talent”.

This class is designed for new watercolor artists.  Everything the student needs to learn how to begin and complete a watercolor painting.  How to control the paint, how to manipulate the paint in the water for that watercolor effect, and how to use the brush.  Where a lot of people are confused is that the brush stroke in watercolor is different.  It is all about being prepared with knowledge and skill to achieve the look you want, then it’s EASY!  

Introduction to Watercolor Pt 1. –    Ages 12- Adult – All materials are provided – for intro classes only. $19.00  Please note date of class and Part 1 or 2 when registering.

Introduction to Watercolor Pt 2.  –   Ages 12- Adult – All materials are provided – $19.00  CalendarRegister

***Please note date of class at checkout!***

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