Introduction to Drawing

It is a mystery how some people seem to be able to draw ANYTHING without any effort at all. Others have to sit over their drawing for hours, erasing and tweaking…

Well.  A person who can draw just anything, so easily, is really rare.  And a person who wants a final product just so perfect, well, not really that unusual. But honestly, most of us need a little help learning how to draw – stuff.  There are SO MANY BOOKS to help people learn to draw, and if one is patient, and studies them carefully, one CAN learn to draw.  Or I can help you.

I teach people how to draw.  Little People, and bigger people. I will teach you how to accomplish what you visualize, in black, and white, and gray!  Learning simple strategies for effective results.  My results are affected by genetic tremor.  BUT.  I still LOVE TO DRAW –  and so can you!

Let’s start with Trees-

How to Draw – Basics 1 – Trees 3/19/2019 6:00 $17

And a few other options that might fit your schedule:

Intro to Graphite Drawing – Trees 3/12/2019 6:00 $17
Little Hands Drawing – Trees 3/12/2019 4:30 P.M. $12
Family Class – Drawing-  Trees 3/14/2019 4:30 $17, $14, $9
Family Class – Drawing- Trees 3/16/2019 4:30 $17, $14, $9
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EASY WATERCOLOR – Basic Washes for Skies and Trees

Learn the beginner basics to successful watercolor painting – Washes. For painting skies or backgrounds – while learning how to paint basic trees.  We will cover all the  techniques for a complete watercolor painting while learning about simple tree shapes and methods for achieving skies and backgrounds. AND have fun in the process!!!

We will learn how to draw trees, float in skies, play with brush strokes, and have a light hand with the flow of the watercolor.  This is a very beginner class – so no fear – JUST FUN!

All Materials are provided, and the class is offered in many times and ages!  Pick your  class below, and register here!  If you prefer paying with your credit/debit card click here!

Little Hands Watercolor – Skies  Tuesday Mar/26/2019 4:30


Family Class – Watercolor  – Skies Thursday Mar/28/2019 4:30 P.M. $17, $14, $9
Intro to Watercolor Painting Thursday Mar/28/2019 6:00 P.M. $19
Introduction to Watercolor Pt 1 Saturday Mar/30/2019 2:00


Greeting Cards – Clouds and Skies 3/30/2019 12:30 P.M. $15
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Beginner – Where to Start!

We have a few classes designed specifically for Beginners!

The easiest class is:

“Family Class”, with basic lessons in everything ART!  From drawing to painting in watercolor, acrylic, oil and oil pastels, learn plenty of new skills to enjoy forever!   And… it is designed for adults or children 7 to 12, or both.   Family Class

“Little Hands”  For Beginners ages 4-7.  Learning real skills in drawing with Graphite, Oil Pastels, Painting in Watercolor or Acrylic!  Little Hands

“Introduction to Graphite”

Learning how to draw, discover different “kinds” of drawing, methods tools, etc.  Ages 7 and up!  Introduction to Graphite


” Introduction to Watercolor “

Learn all the basics of how to paint in Watercolor.  How to build your palette, prepare your board,  mix your colors, wet on wet, dry, washes, painting techniques. Ages 12 and up!  Introduction to Watercolor


“Introduction to Acrylic Painting”

Learning to Paint, is so easy with acrylic paint!  How to prep, mix your paints, store your palette, and paint, from start to finish!  Ages 12 and up! Introduction to Acrylic Painting


“Introduction to Oil Painting” 

“Old School” – learn all the techniques, methods, mediums needed to complete your oil painting experience, so you can learn how to paint classical style!  Ages 12 and up! Introduction to Oil Painting

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Acrylic Painting

Some people really like the simplicity of painting with acrylics.  They mix easily with water,  dry fast for easy painting and handling, can be painted on canvas, wood, paper, glass, metal, you name it, they can be painted on it, except oil base paints.  Then you need special primers!

Acrylics are less expensive that oil paints, and can be used “Impasto” like thick oil paints, or in a watercolor, flowing wash style.  Or both!  They are so versatile, people often start with acrylics before anything else.

I teach all my classes for – beginners to advanced – so you need not start with acrylics, unless you just want to!

I teach four different types of acrylic painting classes: 


  Children  –  Ages 4-6  for information about these classes click here:  Little Hands 


  Family classes – Ages 7-to Adult – These classes are designed for young or new artists, young or old. This class is set up for individuals or a child and parent.  Individual children or adults are welcome to attend, but if an adult wishes to attend with a child, the child’s rate is discounted. (But only with accompanying adult)  For more information click here: Family Class


  Introduction to Acrylic Painting Parts 1 & 2 Ages 12 and up – Everything you need to know to paint with Acrylic paints.  Surfaces, mixing, brushes, style, cleanup etc. Using seasonal themes – and basic stroke instructions.   For more information click here:  Introduction to Acrylics


  Concept to Canvas – Ages 14 and up – For the student who has some experience with painting either in Acrylic or Oil.  Either in the our introductory classes or with another instructor.  The goal of this class is to teach students the steps to master painting and skills for creating artwork they and their families will be proud of for generations.  This is a three part class. For more information click here: Concept to Canvas


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