Oil Painting Classes




Introduction to Oil Painting   Parts 1 and 2

How to mix the paint, Priming the Canvas, Brush usage, Styles and types of Brushes, Brush Strokes,

Thinners, Driers, Clean up and preserving Brushes. Designing, Process of Painting.  Finishing your painting.

Everything one needs to learn how to paint in oil with success!  For more information click here: Introduction to Oil Painting





  Concept to Canvas – Ages 14 and up – For the student who has some experience with painting either in Acrylic or Oil.  Either in the our introductory classes or with another instructor.  The goal of this class is to teach students the steps to master painting and skills for creating artwork they and their families will be proud of for generations.  This is a three part class.

For more information click here: Concept to Canvas

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