Introduction to Watercolor Parts 1 and 2

Many people have heard that watercolor painting is “hard” compared to other kinds of painting.  No, it isn’t hard.  It’s different.  Many people are challenged when they try a new media.  I have heard very skilled oil painters say “I can’t paint in watercolor”, or very proficient graphite artists say, “I just can’t paint”.   Well, if you LOVE the look of watercolor, don’t be intimidated.  It is more about the how, than it is the “Talent”.

This class is designed for new watercolor artists.  Everything the student needs to learn how to begin and complete a watercolor painting.  How to control the paint, how to manipulate the paint in the water for that watercolor effect, and how to use the brush.  Where a lot of people are confused is that the brush stroke in watercolor is different.  It is all about being prepared with knowledge and skill to achieve the look you want, then it’s EASY!  

Introduction to Watercolor Pt 1. –    Ages 12- Adult – All materials are provided – for intro classes only. $19.00  Please note date of class and Part 1 or 2 when registering.

Introduction to Watercolor Pt 2.  –   Ages 12- Adult – All materials are provided – $19.00  CalendarRegister

***Please note date of class at checkout!***

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