Introduction to Graphite – Tips and Tricks

Yes, everyone knows how to use a pencil.  But there is way more to drawing in graphite than just – using a pencil.  First with technology, graphite is changing and allowing us to do so many beautiful things, we could only do with ink before.

Secondly, graphite is a wonderful way to express yourself, with so little by way of baggage!  Just grab some paper, your pencil case – and go!

Tonal values (contrast) are an important part of any artwork.  Graphite drawing is the first step in planning where a piece of artwork is going.  A graphite drawing (yes some people prefer charcoal, and the same techniques apply) is to a painting what an outline is to a short story or book.  Yes you can do a painting without a plan, but it will work out much better with a plan.

Additionally, graphite drawings are beautiful in their own space.


Classes for March and April 2019 at The Hobby Lobby  ( Map)  in Statesville, I will be teaching several Graphite classes, but the first one, The Introduction to Graphite covers the most information regarding – HOW graphite – can change your creative life!!!

Introduction to Graphite

Introduction to Graphite with Trees, water. – CalendarRegister

All Materials are included.

Intro to Graphite Drawing – Trees 3/12/2019 6:00 $17

Little Hands Drawing – Trees 3/12/2019 4:30 P.M. $12
Family Class – Drawing-  Trees 3/14/2019 4:30 $17, $14, $9
Family Class – Drawing- Trees 3/16/2019 4:30 $17, $14, $9
How to Draw – Basics 1 – Trees 3/19/2019 6:00 $17
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