Introduction to Acrylic Painting Parts 1 and 2

This class is designed for new Acrylic painting artists.  Everything the student needs to learn about how to begin and complete an Acrylic painting.  Many students find that painting with acrylics is where they want to begin.  Many people prefer acrylics because they dry so quickly, a painting can be completed in one sitting.  


Acrylic Painting Part 1.

In this class students will learn the different styles of acrylic painting,  how to work their backgrounds, how to design their painting,  to layer the paint, brush stroke, methods, and how to work with mediums.  

We will also discuss different canvas options.  Watercolor Bond,  stretch canvas, board, and how to prepare each. 

You will learn everything in the painting about how to paint in acrylic, and complete the first painting.  See the Calendar for dates and times. 



Acrylic Paint Part 2. 

In this painting class we will learn more about manipulating the paint by mixing and brush strokes, to achieve different looks that we desire.  Using your colors for mood, tonal values, and definition, using watercolor pencils and getting a more finished look.  You can bring your own photo to work from or follow the instructor to a completed painting.  

***A note about registering for classes. *** 

Materials for all classes are provided by the instructor.  You can register and pay by cash or check, day of class, or by credit card. But please register so we can be sure to have enough supplies for you!  Check the Calendar for dates and register here. 

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