Go With the Flow – Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting for fun and excitement.  Really?  Yes!  Watercolor painting when worked into water, as watercolor should be, is exhilarating!  But “How do you control the water”?   Yes, well, that is why we have a class.  To answer all your questions and help you learn the best skills, have the most fun, and get your most fabulous results!!!     Here is a video introducing how to watercolor paint, that I created .

If you have been trying to figure out what watercolor painting is all about or  have never had a watercolor class you may want to start here:

Introduction to Watercolor Pt 1. –  Calendar

Please note date of class and Part 1 or 2 when registering.  

Introduction to Watercolor Pt 2.  –  Calendar

***Please note date of class and part 1 or 2 at checkout***


Watercolor Still Life Pt 1  

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