Beginner – Where to Start!

We have a few classes designed specifically for Beginners!

The easiest class is:

“Family Class”, with basic lessons in everything ART!  From drawing to painting in watercolor, acrylic, oil and oil pastels, learn plenty of new skills to enjoy forever!   And… it is designed for adults or children 7 to 12, or both.   Family Class

“Little Hands”  For Beginners ages 4-7.  Learning real skills in drawing with Graphite, Oil Pastels, Painting in Watercolor or Acrylic!  Little Hands

“Introduction to Graphite”

Learning how to draw, discover different “kinds” of drawing, methods tools, etc.  Ages 7 and up!  Introduction to Graphite


” Introduction to Watercolor “

Learn all the basics of how to paint in Watercolor.  How to build your palette, prepare your board,  mix your colors, wet on wet, dry, washes, painting techniques. Ages 12 and up!  Introduction to Watercolor


“Introduction to Acrylic Painting”

Learning to Paint, is so easy with acrylic paint!  How to prep, mix your paints, store your palette, and paint, from start to finish!  Ages 12 and up! Introduction to Acrylic Painting


“Introduction to Oil Painting” 

“Old School” – learn all the techniques, methods, mediums needed to complete your oil painting experience, so you can learn how to paint classical style!  Ages 12 and up! Introduction to Oil Painting

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