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Tina Steele Penn –  believes that “Art is the expression of the soul”.  For her, it truly is an outpouring of the feelings, emotions, insights, dreams, fears and hopes of the deepest part of her being.  Each painting may manifest a different mood, style, or interpretation.  From the playful to intensely visceral.  Stylized or completely abstract. Mostly you might call her work Minimalist – Abstract – Impressionism.  She is an intuitive artist, and her work defies linear projection.

     Tina began painting at a very young age by playing in the paints of her mother, Artist Bessie Steele.  She had at her fingertips – literally all the various paint media one could think of, as her mom was a prolific painter, potter, and crafter.

    Tina achieved her college work by way of a Voice Scholarship, minoring in art.  In class she was frustrated by her instructors’ philosophical approaches to painting, as her one desire was to hone her skills. Abstract thinking, creative expression, and philosophical wanderings were familiar environments. She wanted more concrete support. She wanted to learn HOW to paint and draw the things that she didn’t already know.  Not naturally gifted with drawing giftedness, she taught herself through study and practice how to draw, paint, or sketch – Anything.  Not naturally inclined towards photorealism, she was not content, until she could “Represent” anything or anyone – realistically! 

     As a full time mom, part time creator, homeschool facilitator and gardener, she painted. And drew.  And studied. And when the young ones left the nest, she taught.  As a private art instructor in Recreation Centers, Retirement centers, her own studio, and her own gallery in Charlotte, NC, she has taught hundreds of students – how to paint and draw.  Creativity must come from within. That path the student must find for themselves.  But the skills, no the skills, that can be learned.

And that is exactly what she teaches – How to Paint and Draw – Anything! And what makes art, ART!

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